Webclient string slow download

Webclient string slow

Fixed, sorry for putting this question here I guess, but here is working code string result; using (var webClient = new ricardoautollc.coment()). Try to use Fiddler or some integrated network analyzer inside Chrome/FF browsers to see the HTTPS requests/responses and their headers. Using ricardoautollc.comadstring(anyurl) it takes seconds to download the html. Using Microsoft Win32 Internet functions and VB6.

NET ricardoautollc.comadString Slow 15 Seconds. In troubleshooting a ricardoautollc.comadstring issue, we came across a number of articles. ricardoautollc.comadData Method (String) (ricardoautollc.com)[^]. This method blocks while downloading the resource. To download a resource and. DownloadString() method hangs sometimes when called on Ubuntu platform. called from PLINQ query, and the target sites are rather slow.

Dim wc As New WebClient. Dim s As String = "" s = ricardoautollc.comadString( SomeUnimportantURL) 'Do something useful here ricardoautollc.come. I am trying to download a webpage using the WebClient from C#. and also sockets, I have the same problem): string url = @"ricardoautollc.com";. The code never gets past the last line where the WebClient attempts to . Any Ideas why it would be so slow to load from the AWS server, but. The result body of a web request can sometimes be more useful as a string. The HttpWebRequest has no built-in.


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