Wheel of life template download

Wheel of life template

Don't reinvent the wheel – the wheel of life template that is! Our most popular tool (now updated) the wheel of life has been downloaded over times!. One of our most popular downloads, this blank wheel of life is a fully customizable, essential tool for coaches. This wheel contains eight sections that, together, represent one way of describing a whole life. You, as coach, or your client may have other labels or categories.

It is often used in coaching and is a great foundation exercise when goal-setting. Below, you can download the free wheel of life template which. COMPLETE THE WHEEL: 1. Review the 8 Wheel Categories - think briefly what a satisfying life might look like for you in each area. 2. Next, draw a line across. Learn how to use The Wheel of Life (or Life Wheel) to consider each area of your life and assess what's off balance. Figure 2 – Wheel of Life Template. Wheel.


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