Fike ecaro-25 flow calculation download

Fike ecaro-25 flow calculation

ECARO® Clean Agent Fire Suppression Superior, Cost-Effective Clean Agent Fire Protection. Water-based fire suppression systems (sprinklers) are designed to protect people and structures. An ECARO® clean agent fire suppression system is the superior, cost-effective choice. ECAROTM CLEAN AGENT FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM . h) Complete hydraulic flow calculations, from Fike's UL/FM Approved ECARO Flow. Fike Clean Agent Containers are used in fire extinguishing systems to store the Clean . table on page 6 or to Fike's ECARO Flow Calculation program for.

, or and the ECARO Flow Calculation computer program). Fike Engineered Discharge Nozzles are available in sizes of: 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1. The function of the Fike Engineered Discharge Nozzle in a fire extinguishing system have been performed, using the ECARO Flow Calculation computer . Fike® + Dupont™ = ECARO™ THE Superior Clean-Agent System Minimal Clean-Agent + Maximum Flow . ECARO Flow Calculation Program.

Fike ECARO® Clean Agent Extinguishing Systems. System Designation: ECARO Flow Calculation Software Version Design, Installation. give the experts at Fike a can verify the reusability of your current system with our FM-approved ECARO Flow Calculation Program. Then we can.


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